Solution for IPTV / OTT providers
Let your customers watch TV on their
Smart TV without set-top-box

A lot of providers offer to their customers IPTV or OTT services, but only most advanced are able to offer a branded application to watch IPTV on Smart TV sets with no set-top box.

The SmartUp application is compatible with almost all TV brands: LG, Samsung, Philips, Toshiba, Sony, Sharp, Hisense and others. And the application is available for downloading via application stores.

SmartUp application is considered to be a fully functional portal compatible with Windows and various set-top boxes such as MAG, Inext, DUNE HD, TVIP, Eltex, Android TVbox and others.

With our application you will get:

  • Customization for your brand
  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Easy and quick integration into providerís network
  • Integration with billing and portal
  • Providing assistance with setting up of the allied equipment
  • EPG support
  • TimeShift module
  • Competitive advantage

Integration of this application into the network will enable your company getting to the next level, while your customers will get a chance to enjoy watching the new generation digital TV on Smart TVs with no need to buy any additional equipment.

Our advantages

SmartUP Free Apps
Integration with billing and portal
Automation of playlists and EPG
Possibility of packatization
The server part in the provider's network
User settings storage on the server
Technical support
Ability to select audio tracks
Authorization of subscribers
Image scaling

Application screenshots